Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Importance of Pictures

Lately, I've realized how valuable I have rated my pictures with my Daddy. Ammon and Beck's neighbor-who I know, and cut my hair when I was there last summer- just lost her fiance in a horrific motorcycle accident. Ammon was telling me about it, and I guess I realized that most of the time, we aren't lucky enough to be able to say goodbye before we go. Stuff just happens. To ordinary people like you and me. There is no "that won't happen to me" because the truth is, it does. My family has just been fortunate that it hasn't yet. I love all of my family, and I rely on taking pictures so that if stuff does happen, I will remember. Always and forever. That is one of the only things I regret doing growing up. There are no pictures to remind us of the times we had. Whether they were stupid things like the bolder in the front garden in Canby, or watching a mini Frauline disappear in the snow in Enterprise. Holding Deseree's wedding dress so high, I must have shown half the people there her garments, and watching the world change a little more each day.
My Life means alot to me, and I will document it:) Whether this is the last post, or one towards the very beginning:) I love you all- ♥

18.. Finally. Can't you tell? :)

Hey look! I'm 18! Ha. Ha. There's my corney joke:) I came up with this idea, and it turned out cute, I think, anyhow. So much for a pro photographer, huh? I think that's what I want to be, but I'm really not positive yet. Sh.. Don't tell:)


Here we are:) Kami ended up getting frosting up her nose, and I had it so far down my chin, that I had to go to a mirror to get it all off! Ha! Let me just say, I had fun:)

Take a Bite Out of This!

Hey, it was funny, okay? I wanted to feel a little younger, but I ended up skipping back to the 1st Birthday Cake look, huh? My friend ended up coming up and taking a bite out of it with me, and man, did it make some pretty terrific pictures! :) HA. I'm funny!

"Works Everytime"

Me and Celeste:) As much as she annoys me constantly; following me around like a lost dog, bugging me and my friends, or just making us all laugh at the awkwardness when she sits crosslegged in a jean mini skirt- I love her. Thats all that can really explain it. She's beautiful inside and out, and makes my day- when not seeing her for a week- she runs up and puts her skinny little arms around me. Just a simple, "I love you, Rissa" works everytime. I'm glad she was here on my special day:)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Here is Me and Daddy with his work of art:) Isn't it beautiful? His joke about it was, "Hurry and blow out the candles before they melt down! Then we can save them for when I turn 81!" Ha. Ha. Ha. Funny, right? ;)

Superb Daddy

Birthday's are so much fun:) This superb Daddy made my day:) He got up at 3:00 am to make my cake so that it would be cool when he frosted it. All so that when I got up, my cake would look perfect! He went out of his way all day long to make everything perfect and clean. I hope someday I will be like this inspiring man one day. Without him, I really wouldn't be where I am. It proves that one man does have the influence to change the world. He has changed me "for good". I love you, Daddy:)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm done guys:) Really done!

CAKE! :)

This is the lovely Graduation Cake that all my brothers and sisters put money together for:) Let me tell you.. It was sooooo good! When I left for my California trip, I actually found myself craving it. Haha! It was chocolate mousse, and man was it amazing! Thankyou guys:) It meant alot!

Graduation Pictures:)

These are all of my close friends:) This picture origionally started with just me and a friend, and one by one people kinda jumped into it. It was actually pretty funny:)

This is me and Faith. Me and her have been close since last year when Faith, Anna, and I hung out alot. We were a little trio of laughter. Whenever we hang out, we do nothing but talk and
laugh about how weird we are:) I love her dearly.

Lastly, This is Lane, Katie, and I. Us three were really close this year. Usually, where one of us is, the other two follow closely. Haha. I will be attending UVU, and they are both going to Dixie. If they don't end up married, I'll be very suprised. Haha.

This is me and my good friend Lane:) He is dating my best friend, Katie. He's more like a brother to me than anything really. I'm going to miss him and Katie when they move south to attend Dixie in the fall.. They have really kept me going this year. Both of them gave me the determination to keep going, to be honest.

I'm graduated! :) This is me and a kid named Dayton Martindale. I picked this one because this just happens to be the guy who took me on my first date! January 1st 2009. Haha.