Sunday, April 12, 2009

Freshman In College..

Just thought I would post another (more recent) picture of me. It was taken today, and I didn't look really shabby, so enjoy:) I think I look older than I ever have. Well, I hope I do, because I am older, but I never really noticed before..

Does this look like a Freshman in College? Please say yes, I'm already scared out of my wits! :) Haha.


Here is my little kitty Gonzo. Yes, this is the same kitty I saved from his eye infection. Look how much better he is! :) I am such a good person! Haha. Thought you might like to see him now that he's better, and alot cuter!

Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday. Silly pictures with Celeste! We may fight like cats and dogs sometimes, but we really do love eachother, beleive it or not:)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bittersweet Farewell:)

A few minutes before Dad left for the Airport/Elaine's house, I decided that I would leave him a nice little message to keep him company. Isn't that sweet of me? :) When he insisted I take it off, all it did was smear and turn some of his scalp blue! Haha. Good thing I got a picture, huh? :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ah! Dinosaur! Run!

Me, Katie, Lane, and Dayton went to the movies last night, but the movie we were going to see hadn't got out yet, so we decided to take pictures with the big Ice Age poster. It was very funny! :)
I can't imagine being chased or meeting a dinosaur. I can only think of how scared I would be.
Did I mention me and Katie are absolutely awesome?! :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wonder Aides!

Alyssa Milovich is one of the funniest friends I have. She is absolutely amazing! Not only do we take pictures and goof off as Mr. Butler's Aides, but we love hanging out on weekends and make up skits about "The Bulgarian Cat" and "Green Carrots" :)
Not only do we entertain Mr. Butler and his class, but we happen to also be the best Aide's he has! He saves up all the work from his other classes for us, because he knows we'll do it right! :)
Were pretty much stupendous.


Celeste's cat Gracie just had a litter of kitties a few weeks ago, and I've been over there lately, so naturally, I saw when one of the kitties eyes wasn't open, well beyond the point that they all should. So when I got it open, it was pussing and very infected. I have been nursing it back to health, and go over regularly to clean it. I have learned to love this kitty.

I'm sure that you all think this looks really bad, but this looks perfect to what it did look like! I cried for almost twenty minutes because I hated seeing such infections take hold of a helpless kitty. It made me think of how lucky I was to have all of my parts functioning perfectly. We take so much for granite, but I've been working on it! :)