Monday, March 30, 2009

...Are You Serious?

Must I explain? Talk about a bad hair day! I was so frustrated!


Monday, March 23, 2009

My first time cutting Daddy's hair:)

Here it goes for cutting a man's hair for the first time:) Did I do good, or what? Doesn't he look happy? Haha. It actually looks pretty spiffy if you ask me! But maybe I'm just biast.
Another cheesy grin from the man himself! :) It looks pretty even to me, doesn't it?Here's the back. I would have to say that it looks pretty good to me. Its not curling up around the ears at least. Wow. Its sad that saying that I can see Deseree, Aimee and Nicole cringing at the thought:) Hahaha. I know my sisters well!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Feelin' the Love ♥

Me and Daddy bonding with the camera. He's so funny! I have a pretty funny one of us, but I decided people would rather see this than the latter:) As much as he may not want to admitt it, he's soo going to miss me when I move away for college!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


How long has it been since we saw the ice cream truck?! Forever! The last time we were chasing the ice cream truck, I beleive Ammon, Des, Aimee, and Nicole were by my side on our bikes, racing down the old streets of Canby, Oregon. Me and my best friend Katie were interupted this morning by the creepy music of this head turning fascade. Amazing huh? We were laughing about how elementary we felt:) The ice cream was as good as I remembered it!

Two Sisters:)

Here we are! The last two girls at home! I'm going to miss this girl. Celeste will have to come see me in my dorm!
This is my daddy. He is absolutely amazing. I can't possibly put my pride and love for him in to words. He is the most dedicated and loving man I have, or will ever meet in my existance. I am going to miss him terribly when I move off to college, but will always keep him in my prayers.

Celeste the Comedian

Celeste, Mom, and I went to a local restraunt, and while eating our salad, Celeste entertained us by making faces with one of the oranges. She is absolutely adorable, is she not? :) It's funny how the best things are the simplest, huh?

Pure Rissa

I thought it formal to at least have a picture of me. It's pretty recent, and it shows off my new bangs:) I wish my hair was longer though. I'm working on growing it out!