Monday, July 12, 2010

Wedding Bells!!

So Bekah and I were talking the other day about weddings; I can't recall how we got on the subject but we did. Well she mentioned that she still had hers and suggested that I try it on... I forgot how beautiful it was! And she got it for mega cheap! (I think only two hundred dollars) Well! She told me if I wanted it that I could have it for when I get married! I LOVE IT!

Its not what I typically wanted growing up, but after I was wearing it, I love the simplicity of it! Its not a princess dress. Simple but gorgeous:) So this goes out to Katie, who I told it about and wanted to see it really bad. Just don't distribute it and tell everyone I'm getting married;)

The pictures don't show the back because we didn't lace it up all the way, (That is why it looks a little slackened on the side) but oh well. You get the jist of what it looks like:)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hello family!

I know its been forever since I've posted anything, and I apologize for it! It's been only a little hectic. I moved into a new apartment this last week, and I've been in and out of town. I got back last night and I'm leaving again tonight to go on some other wild adventure:)

I hope you are all doing well. Work is going good. I'm making enough to pay rent! WHOO! My new roommates are very nice and thoughtful. I can tell that they actually like me by the way they talk to me:)

I'll take some pictures and put them up soon. I hope this finds everyone well! I love you all!